Welcome to Ædelfisken Bornholm

Welcome to Ædelfisken Bornholm -a local angler association dedicated to ensuring the best fishing conditions in and around Stenbrudssøen in Nexø. Our goal is to provide both our members and guest anglers with a fantastic fishing experience while caring for and maintaining our fishing waters and stock.

Stenbrudssøen, Bornholm's largest PUT AND TAKE lake, originally an old quarry, boasts a unique location right next to the Baltic Sea, surrounded by forests, sea, and flowers. Here, you can catch rainbow trout, perch over 4 kg, carp over 8 kg, roaches, bream, and eels.

Bornholm's largest PUT AND TAKE lake

Welcome to Bornholm's largest PUT AND TAKE lake, located at Nexø Family Camping. Stenbrudssøen, on the outskirts of Nexø, covers an area of 23,000 m2 with depths ranging up to 18 meters. The lake, a former sandstone quarry, lies right by the Baltic Sea, sharing the same salinity, creating ideal conditions for fish,and ensuring a fresh and delicious taste year-round.



A fishing permit is required for fishing in Stenbrudssøen. Choose from:
- 4-hour fishing permit: DKK 200
(max 2 fish)

-12-hour fishing permit: DKK 300 (max 4 fish)

-24-hour catch and release fishing permit: DKK 250 (excluding trout)

Fishing permits can be purchased via MobilePay (94144), at Checkpoint Marine in Nexø Harbor, or at Nexø Camping.

Rent a fishing rod: DKK 50 (rented by Nexø Family Camping, deposit DKK 250)


The whole family can enjoy the scenic area.
Fishing allowed for those with a valid fishing permit.
Bring a picnic and enjoy lunch by the lake.
Opportunity to explore the rocky coast starting at the northern end of the lake.

Nexø Camping Opening Hours
Nexø Family Camping is closed for lunch from 12:00-14:00.
The campground is closed from mid-September to late April.

Contact Ædelfisken

Ædelfisken is a voluntary association based in Nexø dedicated to promoting interest in sport fishing.
Our membership-based association aims to represent the interests of members and ensure optimal fishing conditions from both shore and boat through the leasing of fishing waters.
We strive to provide our members with access to sport fishing while actively participating in the care and maintenance of fish stocks in our waters.
Our overarching goal also includes spreading awareness of general sport fishing culture so that more people can share our passion and engagement. Residents of Bornholm can apply for membership by contacting our chairman.